How Many Sims Allowed On One Iqama?

If you are a Saudi expirant, you must have registered a sim on your Iqama. However, many people prefer having more than one number for personal and professional use. But the question comes as How Many Sims are Allowed On One Iqama? Read this article til the end to find the exact answer.

How To Check Sims On My Iqama?

According to Saudi Arabia laws, a Saudi expirant can get two sim numbers on one legal and active Iqama. However, a Saudi national can have ten sims. Please note that it is the maximum range; if three or more numbers are registered under your Iqama, you will face legal prosecutions as it is against Saudi laws to get more than two numbers on a single Iqama. 

how to link a mobile number with iqama? stepwise guide

Also, it is noteworthy that many people misuse others’ Iqama and they issue a sim on other Iqama through fraudulent activities. But, unfortunately, Saudi Arabia has no biometric verification for SIM cards yet which gives an extra edge to people misusing others’ Iqamas. 

Please note that if you find any unidentified sim number issued on your Iqama, you need to take immediate action and cancel the number registration. Immediate action is important as there are high possibilities that the unidentified number issued on your Iqama may involve in any illegal or terrorist act. In short, it may cause you big trouble. 

Therefore, keeping a record of sims issued on your Iqama is crucial for living a tension-free life in Saudi Arabia. 

Check No. Of Calling Sims Issued On Your Iqama

As mentioned earlier, checking how many sims are issued on your number is crucial, and thanks to the Saudi government which has launched trouble-free procedures. Here are the two hassle-free ways for investigating the sims issued on your Iqama. 

Method 1 – Via The CITC Website 

The Saudi government has recently launched a new service for Saudi expirants, named Communication and Information Technology Commission, also known as CITC website. The purpose of this service is to facilitate Saudi expirants and citizens to keep a record of their sims issued under their identity. 

Here are the steps. 

  • Search CITC on Google and open their official site. 
  • Choose your preferred language, e.g., English or Arabic. 
  • You will find two empty boxes for submitting your Iqama number and registered mobile number. Please note that if you have not linked any number with your Iqama, you can skip this tab. 
  • Resolve the Captcha code to verify that you are a human and click on the search button.
  • You will see a new page featuring a list of service providers along with mobile numbers if you have already linked your mobile number with Iqama. However, you will only see the names of service providers if you have not linked any number with your Iqama.
  • Check all the numbers carefully and if you find any unidentified number listed under your Iqama, report it immediately to the service providers or report a complaint against it to the police.

Please note that it is highly crucial to keep checking the mobile numbers issued on your Iqama once a month at least. And in this scenario, this positive initiative by the Saudi government has worked as a godsend gift as it has made it super-convenient to check the issued sims within a few minutes.  

check how many sims are on iqama 2023

Method 2; Via Service Providers 

Through this method, you can send a message to your service provider to check the sims issued on your Iqama or under your identity. 

  • STC users can send an SMS containing the code 9988 to 900. 
  • The Etihad Jawraa for Telecom and Information Technology Company MVNO users need to send a message with “ID” to 1755. 
  • Mobile users can send a blank message to 616166.
  • Lebara users can send a message with ‘ID ‘to 1755.
  • Virgin Mobile users need to send an empty SMS to 309985.
  • Zain customers can send an empty SMS to 700123.

By doing this method, you will promptly receive a message featuring all the numbers issued under your identity. 

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1. Does the CITC system cost a fee for checking sims?

No, the CITC system is totally a free-of-cost system that is solely designed to serve Saudi citizens and expirants.   

2. Can I issue two sims of different networks on one Iqama?

There is no restriction. You can issue both sims of the same networks or different networks on one Iqama as it totally depends on your choice. 

3. How many internet sims can I buy on one Iqama?

Again, there is no restriction for buying internet sims or data devices on your Iqama. You can buy multiple internet sims depending on your need or choice. However, you can only buy 2 calling sims or mobile numbers on one Iqama. 

The Final Word 

To conclude, it is crucial to follow the government rules especially when you are expirant in a country with strict rules like Saudi Arabia. Therefore, you need to keep changing the calling sims issued on your number from time to time to avoid any trouble. Notably, there is a limit for calling sims, however, there is no limit for buying internet or data sims. 

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