How to Get a VaxCertPh Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate?

VaxCertPh: Get covid-19 Vaccination Certificate

What is VaxCertPH?

The Department of Health of the Philippines issues a vaccine certificate known as VaxCertPH (DOH). The digital vaccine certificate complies with the electronic World Health Organization criteria (WHO).

The VaxCertPH helps Filipinos accurately reflect their status as having received all recommended vaccinations. The vaccination certification provides access to a vaccine passport to Filipino travelers who are going abroad. This vaccine passport is also recognized in other countries. VaxCertPH will include the vaccination date, location, vaccine type, and QR code.

Over 94 nations and territories accept the VaxCertPH, making it one of the most commonly accepted vaccination certificates worldwide. The EU Digital Covid Certificate (EUDCC) system has integrated the vaccine certificate, and it is accepted and recognized throughout the European Union (EU) by them.

How to Get a Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate?

How to Get Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate?

The Philippine government has just released VaxCertPH, a website for requesting vaccination certificates from them, and it is now fully functional.

Fully immunized persons can obtain a digital copy of their vaccine certificate through this online portal as evidence of their immunization status. You can use this digital vaccination certificate for domestic and international travel issued by the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) and the Department of Health (DOH).

How to Obtain a Vaccine Certificate from VaxCertPH or a VAXCERT?

How to Obtain a Vaccine Certificate from VaxCertPH or a VAXCERT?

Here is a step-by-step guide on downloading your VAXCERT, or vaccination certificate with QR code, from VaxCertPH, which you may use to prove that you have received the Covid-19 vaccine and for upcoming domestic and international travel.

1. Visit the official website. 

Please visit the VaxCertPH official website. To request a vaccination certificate, select “Continue.”

2. Examine and accept the Data Privacy Statement. 

Review and check the box to indicate that you accept the data privacy policy on the following page. Before selecting “Continue,” ensure you have your immunization record and any other forms of government-issued identification.

3. Respond to the questions displayed on your screen.

You will be asked the following questions. Select your response from the dropdown menu by clicking. Next, select “NEXT.”

  • What vaccinations have you received?
  • Have you received any of your vaccination doses in the past 48 hours?

4. Enter your Data.

The next step is to enter your data. Enter your date of birth, last name, first name, middle name, and any optional suffixes. Verify that the data you input corresponds to the information on your immunization card. Afterward, select “NEXT.”

5. Enter your Vaccination Details

You must then enter your vaccination information. Check the box if your vaccine is made by Johnson & Johnson. If not, submit your vaccination information, including the place and dates of your first and second doses. Click “VERIFY VACCINATION INFORMATION” after that.

6. Review all the information

You can see the data you input on the next screen. Review each piece of data. If all information is accurate, click “CONTINUE”; otherwise, select “GO BACK” if you need to edit any of the data you’ve already entered.

7. Enter the Captcha Code

To continue, type the captcha code displayed on the screen.

8. Review your Vaccination Details

Your full name, birthday, sex, the vaccine’s name, and the vaccination’s dates will all be displayed on the screen. Click “UPDATE RECORD” to make necessary changes; otherwise, click “GENERATE VACCINATION CERTIFICATE.” Before creating your immunization certificate, you can optionally include your passport number if you intend to use it for an international trip.

9. Save a Copy of your Vaccination Certificate

You’ll see your immunization record with a QR code on the screen. A screenshot of your immunization certificate may be taken, printed, or downloaded.

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In this article, I have explained how to get a VaxCertPh COVID-19 vaccination certificate, the official digital proof of vaccination for those vaccinated in the Philippines. This certificate can be used for travel purposes, both domestically and internationally, depending on the destination’s requirements and accepted vaccines. You can generate your VaxCertPh online or in person by providing your personal and vaccination details. You can upload your vaccination card and government ID for verification if you encounter any errors or missing records. Getting a VaxCertPh is free of charge and can help you travel safely and conveniently during the pandemic.

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