WAGE Protection System in Saudi Arabia: A Comprehensive Guide

The Government has launched a WAGE protection system in Saudi Arabia (WPS), which is an electronic wage protection system that will ensure the timely payment of wages and salaries to private sector employees.

Wage Protection System is a major initiative of Saudi Vision 2030 and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD), which will be implemented in two phases.

In the first phase, employers with more than 100 employees and non-profit organizations with more than 50 employees will be mandated to enroll in WPS. Companies with less than 100 employees, as well as non-profit organizations with less than 50 employees, will be required to register by end of 2018.

The WPS initiative was introduced as part of Saudization policy reform, aimed at ensuring decent work conditions for Saudi workers. The new system is designed to protect foreign workers as well as domestic ones, and discourage employers from delaying or withholding wages by imposing fines on those who do not pay on time.

How does the Wage Protection System Works?

When an employer signs up for WPS, they receive a code in the mail, which they use to register with SADAD, the organization that provides this service. Once registered, the employer can transfer wages to employees using SADAD’s electronic platform.

Employees receive their payments electronically and are able to monitor them using an app that works across multiple platforms. The Ministry of Labor can track all payments and ensure compliance with WPS regulations.

If you’re new to WPS, it might be helpful to know that SADAD requires employers to provide contact information for you (the employee) so they can get in touch with you when your wages are ready.

Please make sure your employer has the most accurate contact information for you on file so you don’t miss out on any payments!

Wages Protection System

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Benefits of the Wage Protection System

The Wage Protection System is a new way for employers in Saudi Arabia to pay their workers, and it provides many important benefits for both employers and employees.

Benefits of the WAGE Protection System in Saudi Arabia

The WPS has several benefits. First, it ensures that all payments are made through banks. This means that payments can be tracked easily by both employers and employees, which helps to prevent late or missing payments. It also allows workers to request a loan against future wages if needed.

Second, the WPS makes sure that your wages are paid on time. Your employer can’t withhold your pay or delay paying it—they must pay you within 24 hours of work being completed unless there’s been an agreement between both parties beforehand otherwise! And if they don’t follow this rule, then they face fines of up to SR 5 million ($1.3 million USD).

For employers, the Wage Protection System provides an easy way to track payments made to employees and allows payments to be automatically transferred to employee bank accounts on a regular schedule. Employers no longer have to worry about cash being lost or stolen because of this innovation.

For employees, the Wage Protection System means that they will always know when they will receive payments and never have to worry about whether they’ll get paid. It also means that they can request loans against future wages if they need to borrow money.


All in all, the Wage Protection System is revolutionary because it increases efficiency, transparency, and security within the Saudi labor market. It makes it harder for employers to engage in unfair or unethical practices with their employees, by cutting off the flow of money between workers and their employers.

Additionally, these improvements will motivate more companies to make use of the system. The government of Saudi Arabia has been successful in encouraging investment in employment-related services, and this recent initiative has proven that they are committed to creating a modern employment environment.

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