Wazarat Amal Iqama Check Status 2022

Checking Iqama is not as difficult a task as previous, thanks to Wazarat Amal or the Ministry of Labour Portal. The best part is now you don’t have any country restrictions because Wazarat Amal Iqama Check is now accessible from all countries. So even if you’re not currently in KSA you can simply check iqama status from MOL Portal.

The procedure of checking iqama is similar to the Absher but Wazarat Amal doesn’t require any kind of sign-up or registration. Just use a web browser, place details, and your Wazarat Amal Iqama Check is completed. have a look at how to register on Absher and activate.

So, without any further delay, let’s check out your iqama with some simple steps.

Wazarat Amal Iqama Check
Wazarat Amal Iqama Check

How to Check Iqama with Wazarat Amal?

There are basic requirements to check iqama without Absher using the Wazarat Amal website.

  • Iqama Number / Border Number
  • Your date of birth

Without these two things, you can’t check your Iqama for free.

Wazarat Amal Iqama Check- Steps

Step 1

Visit Wazarat Amal site.

Wazarat Amal Iqama Check

Step 2

Check the language

As you see this page appears in the Arabic language if you understand this, it’s good. If you don’t understand the Arabic language or can’t read it clearly. Change the language to English or your country’s language.

Click on the change language section and select English.

Step 3

Submit Your Iqama Number

You can see here three steps to check the Iqama number.

  • In the first field, you’ve to submit your KSA ID / Iqama number or your Border number.
  • In the box below, select your correct date of birth mentioned on the KSA Iqama ID. You can select either Hijri or Gregorian calendar according to your main ID. Choose your birth Year, Month, and Day.
  • In the third field, you’ve to solve the captcha. (Captcha is used to ensure that only humans can access this website). After solving the captcha click on the next button.

Note: If you see, you can’t solve the captcha you can click on this “↻” icon again until you get the captcha that you can solve.

Final Step

Congratulation, You’ve All Done

Once you’ve pasted the written information your Iqama details will appear in the next window. Here you’ll see your Iqama Expiry date along with other details.

What Data Does Wazarat Amal Iqama Check show?

The Wazarat Amal Iqama check shows all your details that are officially registered on your Saudi Arabia Identification document. In order to work in KSA, you require a local sponsor and Iqama to stay there legally.

Here are the following details that an Iqama / KSA ID card includes:

  • The Iqama holder’s name is in English and Arabic
  • Gender
  • The issue date of Iqama
  • The expiry date of Iqama
  • The original country/nationality of the Iqama holder
  • 10-digit ID number
  • Your original photo
  • Religion
  • Serial number
  • Iqama profession
  • Place of issue
  • Name of the employer

These are the 12 main things that an Iqama has, it also has a bar code that is used for technical purposes.

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How To Check The Iqama Expiry Date – Methods

There are two methods to check the Iqama expiry date:

First Method

  • Visit Wazarat Amal by using this Link
  • Select the language
  • Enter your Iqama number, and date of birth, and solve the captcha
  • After this, you can check your Iqama expiry date

This method doesn’t require any kind of registration.

Second Method

  • Visit Absher portal
  • Select language
  • Login to your account (if don’t have an account register yourself)
  • Enter OTP
  • Select the query: Iqama expiry check
  • After this, you can see the expiry date of the Iqama


If you’re an expatriate and living in KSA there is no more confusion to check your Iqama status using Wazarat Amal Iqama Check. The vital thing to follow is, always to keep your credential saved at a particular place. You can note down details in a personal diary or simply remember them.

The ID number of the Iqama holders is everything they have, so it’s recommended to keep this essential secret and safe.

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