What is the Procedure to Activate Digital ID in Absher?

Digital versions of national identity cards for residents and foreigners in Saudi Arabia have been introduced by the interior ministry. The brand-new “Absher individuals” app gives users access to their “Digital ID” or “Digital Iqama.”

How to Activate Digital Iqama in Absher?

Following is the procedure to activate a digital id in Absher.

  • Get the “Absher Individuals” app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Use your Absher username and password to log in.
  • Select “My Service.”
  • Click on “Activate Digital ID.”
  • At the bottom of the following page, click “Activate Digital ID” once more to complete the activation.

To view your Digital Iqama without an internet connection, you can also download it to your phone.

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What is a digital ID, and why must I activate it? 

 A digital ID is an electronic version of your Iqama (residence permit) that can be accessed through the Absher Individuals app. For all official purposes, such as verifying your identity, accessing government services, and traveling within the Kingdom, it can be used instead of your physical Iqama. You need to activate it to enjoy its benefits and convenience.

How can I activate my digital ID in Absher?

You can activate your digital ID in Absher by following these steps:
Download the Absher Individuals app from the Play Store or App Store.
Log in using your Absher username and password.
Click on “My Services” and select “Activate Digital ID.”
Click “Activate Digital ID” again at the bottom of the next page and complete the activation.

What are the requirements for activating digital ID in Absher? 

The requirements for activating digital ID in Absher are:
They must have a valid Iqama with a minimum of 90 days validity.
You must have a registered Absher account with a verified mobile number.
Must have a smartphone with an internet connection and biometric authentication (fingerprint or face recognition).


In conclusion, activating your digital ID in Absher is a simple and convenient process that allows you to access an electronic version of your Iqama through the Absher Individuals app. To activate a digital ID, you must have a valid Iqama, a registered Absher account, and a smartphone with internet and biometric authentication. You can start your digital ID by logging in to the Absher Individuals app, selecting “Activate Digital ID,” and completing the activation. You can also download or share your digital ID with others through the app.

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