Check Iqama Transfer Status (Naqal Kafala) in 2023

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check Iqama transfer (Naqal Kafala) in 2023.

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How to Check Iqama Transfer 2023

If you are living in Saudi Arabia as an expatriate, then most probably you need to work under the local sponsor or company’s ownership which is known as Kafeel in this country.

Moreover, this ownership shows on your check iqama transfer (identity card/permission letter) that is registered by the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Labour of Saudi Arabia.

Kafeel is the person who takes your responsibility and provides you with iqama for working legally in Saudi Arabia.

The iqama transfer process is also known as ‘Naqal Kafala’ in Saudi Arabia which allowed you from one employer to another. However, if you are looking for how to check iqama transfer then you have come to the right place where we guide you to check easily with a few lines follow up.

And also we can guide you on how to transfer your ownership from one sponsor to another sponsor online, but first, we discuss how to check the iqama transfer status.

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Check Iqama Status

Iqama /Change of Ownership/Naqal Kafala is all of the same meaning when these terms are used. When you change your company or ownership then you must need to change your ownership status from old to the new one.

This is necessary because if you don’t change your old status, then you might get some trouble from the government or your old Kafeel.

So, we can check this through the website of the Ministry of Labour of Saudi Arabia like iqama transfer status.

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Check Iqama Transfer Via MOL Website – Steps

Check Iqama Transfer Via MOL Website

The MOL is the official website of the Saudi Arabian Labour department which stands for the Ministry of Labour which collects all the data of employees that come from other countries and work in Saudi Arabia.

If you have changed your sponsor, then this website leads you to check all details of your new sponsor.

The Saudi Government started the initiative to give online services to their employees. This is because many times the HR persons don’t give their proper response and information about the transfer of ownership of their employees.

And it creates trouble for some employees and their old Kafeel threatening them to put Huroob on them. So, that’s the reason the Ministry of Labour gives the transfer of ownership online.

Note that, this website is in the Arabic language, and if you want to better understand then allow the “Google Chrome” browser which supported the English language with also the option of an English Translator.

So, you can easily iqama check in the English language.

Here is the step-by-step procedure of check iqama fees and Nakal kafala fees by the Ministry of Labour’s website.

Check Iqama Transfer Via MOL- HRSD

  • First of all, open the official website of the Ministry of Labour.
  • Click on the نقل خدمة عامل وافد option in the menu.
Check Iqama Transfer Via MOL Website
  • Now, you need to enter your 14-digit iqama number and fill the captcha code in the given boxes and click on “بحث

After processing if you see the new sponsor name on your device screen it means your iqama is successfully transferred and if the current sponsor name appears then it means your iqama is not yet transferred.

Iqama Transfer Process

It is quite easy to change the ownership of iqama because of its online procedure. So, when your notice period is about to end, your new Kafeel needs to create a request to transfer ownership through the Ministry of Labour record.

After sending the request, you can ask your new Kafeel to accept the iqama transfer request in the Ministry of Labour’s system.

When the request is accepted, your iqama ownership is transferred to your new Kafeel in the MOL’s database. So, pay the iqama transfer charges in the Jawazat office.

Once it is done, you can get the print of your new Iqama from the Jawazat office.

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People Also Ask

According to Saudi Law, if you are going to transfer your iqama for the first time then the charges would be 2000 Saudi Riyal, and for the second time it would be 4000 Saudi Riyal and for the third time, it would be 6000 Saudi Riyal charge by the government.

As per Article 40 of Saudi Labour Law, it is the duty of your sponsor to pay the charges of first and second-time iqama transfer. And, if you are transferring your iqama the third time then you should pay half of the charges.

It is banned to transfer the ownership of an employee whose status has been under Huroob. however, if your current Kafeel has Red Nitaqat Status, then your new Kafeel can do this by visiting the Labour Department.

Final Words

Iqama transfer status and all the relevant information are connected with MOL and it is registered in their official database, so you cannot change it by yourself. If you have any questions about it, then please inform the officials of MOL and your Kafeel also to take further steps according to the situation.

Because you are working as an ex-pat in Saudi Arabia and have no rights as compared to the local citizens of this country. So, keep in mind that work here gently and try your best to keep your Kafeel satisfied and don’t report against you.

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