How To Reset Tawakkalna Password And Number?

Reset Tawakkalna Password and Number? In Saudi Arabia, the Tawakkalna is an official app for health updates like the spread of the Covid-19 virus. You have to make an account on this official app name Tawakkalna. In this article, we will provide you with the best method of changing your number and resetting your password for the Tawakkalna app. Here is a step-to-step guide for Resetting the Tawakkalna password.

Step-To-Step Guide To Reset Tawakkalna Password And Number

If you forget and want to reset your Tawakkalna Password and Number, then don’t worry. Just Relax. Here is a solution for your password that is you can easily reset your Tawakkalna app password by following the steps given below:

  • Open your Tawakkalna app
  • Now click on the option of “Help” on your login page.
  • Choose the “forgot password” option.
  • Now select the user type in Citizen/Resident or Visitor/Gulf 
  • If you chose the Citizens/Residents option, add your Iqama number and date of birth.
  • If you choose the Visitor/Gulf option, add your passport number, nationality, date of birth, and mobile number.  
  • After adding this information, you will receive the OTP one-time password on your registered mobile number.
  • Now enter your new and confirm your password by adding it again. 
Reset Tawakkalna Password and Number
  • So by doing these steps, you successfully change your Tawakkalna app password. 

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How to Change the Mobile Number in the Tawakkalna App?

If you want to change your Mobile number in the Tawakkalna app or lose your registered number, then you don’t need to worry about staying with us. Here we will provide you with two methods of changing mobile numbers. 

Through Absher Account

Without Absher Account

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Through Absher Account

If you want to change your number in the Tawakkalna app, then login into your Absher account and then follow these steps, which are given below. 

  • Visit the Tawakkalna login page.
  • You can get help by clicking the “Help” button.
  • Choose the “Update Phone Number” tab.

Now there are two cases. If you can choose the Citizen or resident option, then the steps are below:

Tawakkalna Login page

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  • Add your Iqama Number.
  • Choose your Date of Birth from the given calendar.
  • After this, the app will send OTP on the registered number and then add it.
  • Now add your new number.
  • Here your registered number will be changed. 


If you choose the Visitor/Gulf, add the following information in the options. 

  • Add your passport number
  • Add your  Nationality
  • Add your Date of birth
  • Enter your new Mobile Number.  

Without Absher Account

If you don’t create your Absher account and install this Tawakalna app with the help of a friend’s account, then you need to contact your friend and do the same procedure given above. And change your number successfully. 

Registor mobile number for tawakklana


Q1: Can I reset my Tawakkalna password without access to my registered mobile number?

Unfortunately, you need access to your registered mobile number to reset your Tawakkalna password. If you lost access to your registered mobile number, you must visit a Tawakkalna customer service center to update your mobile number.

Q2: How can I reset my Tawakkalna registered mobile number?

You can reset your Tawakkalna registered mobile number by visiting a Tawakkalna customer service center and providing your national ID or Iqama number along with the new mobile number.

Q3: What should I do if I cannot reset my Tawakkalna password or number?

If you cannot reset your Tawakkalna password or number, contact Tawakkalna customer support for further assistance.

Final Words

Here we provide you with the easiest methods for reset the password of Tawakkalna as well as a method for Changing numbers in Tawakkalna by using Absher or without Absher. 

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