Iqama Color Status – Check Iqama Red Green Status in 2022

Iqama is the residence permit or identity card of Saudi Arabia, which shows you living permission in this country. It is as essential as your Passport and Visa Documents. So you need to check everything about your iqama once every month. Apart from that, you should try also the iqama red-green check regularly.

Because the government of Saudi Arabia imposes heavy fines and penalties on people whose accounts were expired.

Usually, the expiry date is not mentioned on the iqama card, so you have to iqama expiry red and green check by yourself. Mostly, the iqama is valid only for one year; after that, you need to renew this for the next year. But this may be increased for over a year, depending on your Kafeel’s Nitaqat Color Status.

Check Kafeel’s Colour Status

In Saudi Arabia, most employees work under Kafeel, and Kafeel is your sponsor here. The government classifies some levels according to the reputation of the Kafeel or Companies. It also gives them a different iqama color status. Moreover, there are three colors in the category.

Iqama Green Color

As we all know, that green color symbolizes safe mode. And if your Kafeel’s Nitaqat color is green, it means your Kafeel has a good reputation in Saudi Arabia. In the Iqama color check, Green is the safest option; you don’t need to worry about it because you are safe and secure now. I

Iqama Red Color

As we mention, the green color is the symbol of safe mode, but the red color is totally against it and symbolizes danger. And if your Kafeel’s Nitaqat color is red, it means your Kafeel is bankrupt or has a bad reputation in Saudi Arabia.

So, you can get in trouble and need to be alert. Although, when you have a situation to change your Kafeel or sponsor, change it immediately without wasting time.

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Iqama Yellow Color

Here is another color other than iqama status red green, and that is yellow color status. The yellow color means your Kafeel or Company has an average reputation in Saudi Arabia. So, this will not create any trouble for you, but you need to keep searching and find the Kafeel with green color status.

Check Iqama Red Green Status

The Saudi government introduced a new law known as the Nitaqat Law. With the help of this law, the Saudi government wants to give more and more jobs to their local citizens.

So, according to the government’s guidance, they restricted all private companies to employ a certain number of local and foreign workers.

However, all the workers living in Saudi Arabia must be aware of their Iqama status and the Iqama expiry date. So they can get their iqama renewed easily before it gets expires.

Check Iqama Red Green Via the Ministry of Labor – Steps

The whole process is checking the iqama red-green status through the Ministry of Labor. It is the official website of the Saudi government and belongs to their official database, which provides accurate information every time about the iqama color check.

Here are the steps for iqama expiry check red and green.

Step 1

First of all, you need to open the official website of the Ministry of Labor of Saudi Arabia.

Check Iqama Red Green

Step 2

Enter Your Border number, Iqama number or the passport number of anyone from these numbers.

Iqama number or passport number

After processing, your company or Kafeel iqama color status is shown on the screen.

Iqama color status


Is Iqama Red or Green?

Of course, every ex-pat wants the iqama color check to be green because it is safe and according to government policies.

How to Check Iqama Red or Green?

It’s a straightforward process. You only need to visit the Ministry of Labor website and place your iqama details to find your iqama color status.

How Do I Know My Nitaqat Color?

Simply open the website
Then put your iqama number to see your Nitaqat color status.

Final Thoughts

You are working as an ex-pat in Saudi Arabia and have no rights compared to this country’s local citizens. Furthermore, keep in mind that work here gently and try your best to satisfy your Kafeel so your Kafeel doesn’t report against you.

Hence, if you have any questions about this article or want to add some extra information about this application, please give us your opinion by commenting below the box.

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