How to Check Efada (Medical Report) in Saudi Iqama?

Efada Medical Report for New Iqama

The first thing you need to know is that whenever you enter Saudi Arabia you need a valid Iqama first. Without a valid Iqama, you can't stay in Saudi Arabia. 

Before getting Iqama your kafeel asks you for a medical test that is approved by Efada medical center. This test is just valid or considered for the further procedure when it’s from an approved Efada medical center. The MOH saudi provides an easy and flexible online method for Check Efada in Saudi Iqama medical reports for the first Iqama. This system of medical reports for Iqama is the same as the CCHMC medical status for the Gulf Health Council. 

Requirements for Checking EFADA Status For New Iqama

Iqama issuance requires the Efada medical test. To perform the test, go to a polyclinic or hospital that has been approved and bring the following documents:

  • Passport copy with visa page
  • Take a passport-sized photo
  • The cost of an Efada Medical Test is approximately SR 200

Online Iqama Medical Report by Using Efada, Saudi Arabia

  • Using the Efada website in Saudi Arabia is the easiest way to check the status of Saudi Iqama medical test reports. 
  • Use the link provided below to open the Efada, Saudi Arabia website.
  • Then next select the option of “certificate results” in the inquiry type
  • Now enter the Border Number that appears next to your National ID and the phone number
 Iqama Medical Report by Using Efada
  • You provided to the medical centre when you arrived at the centre.

Check Efada in Saudi Iqama Report by Using MOH Website

The second easiest method for checking the status of the medical reports in Saudi Arabia online is using the MOH website. You will be asked to provide your X-ray, blood, urine, and stool to the medical center. On the MOH website, you can access your medical report once the examination is complete by clicking on the link below:

  • Here the first step is enter your Border number
  • Then enter your Sponsor ID
  • Now select the option of “Iqama Issuance” and click the search button.
Efada Service
  • On the next page you can view your status of Efada Medical report for iqama.


In this article, you can find the two easiest methods of checking Efada medical reports for Iqama in Saudi Arabia online. You can check through the Efada website directly by putting a Border number and National ID. The second method is visiting MOH website for checking the status of the Efada report for iqama by adding border number and sponsor Id.

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