How to Pay the Fee for a Permanent Family Visa in 2023?

If you are in Saudi Arabia and want to call your family to Saudi Arabia then you just need to pay attention to your profession and apply for a permanent family visa for Saudi Arabia. Because some professionals are not eligible for family visas in Saudi Arabia.  Read information about Profession List that Requires SCE Registration for Iqama Renewal

The Ministry of Interior will need funds from expats to apply for a permanent family visa. SADAD online payments can also be made using internet banking or the SADAD ATM. Once you have completed all your documents and your profession is eligible, you must pay this fee.

Each expat must pay SR 2,000/- per family in order to apply for a permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia.

To Permanent Family Visa Payment Through NCB Bank

You must log in to their mobile application in order to pay the fee for the permanent family visa through Bank Al Ahli. New Bank Account With SNB Alahli Bank Online

  • Select “SADAD”.
  • Choose “Government Payments and Refunds”.
To Permanent Family Visa Payment Through NCB Bank

Select the following settings on the next screen;

  • Labor as Importation Bill.
  • Family Visa as a service.
  • Choose Unregistered.
  • An employer’s Iqama number is the employer’s ID.
  • There is one visa for one family.
  • On the “Payment Fee” page, click “Request”.
  • Payment can be made by clicking the “Proceed” button.
To Permanent Family Visa Payment Through NCB Bank

Sadad payment Through Al Rajhi Bank

In Log in to the Al Rajhi bank’s mobile application to pay the permanent family visa fee online;

Have a look at Open Al Rajhi Bank Account Online

  • On the left upper corner, tap the three dashes.
  • To view government payments, click “Government Payments”.
  • Click on “Visa Services”.
Sadad payment Through Al Rajhi Bank

Next, on the second screen, you’ll see 

  • Choose “Family Visa”.
  • Iqama Number is the sponsor’s ID.
  • Visas: One Visa for the entire family.
Sadad payment Through Al Rajhi Bank

By retrieving this information, Al Rajhi Bank’s system will compute the fee for a permanent family visa, which is SR 2,000 / family. The fee can be paid by clicking the confirm button.

How to Check the Payment Status of a Family Visa in Saudi Arabia?

As soon as you make the payment, you can check the number of available funds under Iqama. Check your passport deposits for the amount. The number of your visas will be shown under your passport deposits. 


In this article, we explain Sadad Payment for a family visa through Al Rajhi Bank and also through NCB Bank. You just need to download a Bank Application for payment and log in to the account. Click on the payment for visa and confirm this payment. 

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