Benefits of End of Services in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s End of Service Benefits of End of Services in Saudi Arabia refers to the fact that any worker or employee who leaves the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after working for a year or two will receive some cash and will be entitled to End of Service Benefits according to Saudi Labor Law.

A company will pay the employee his full and final settlement if he leaves or gets terminated from their employment, which is referred to as his End of Service Benefits.

Here we discuss three conditions of employment to get the end of service benefits in KSA. A Saudi employee who terminates their employment or leaves a company voluntarily is entitled to receive half their salary for the first 5 years and one month’s salary for the following years, according to Saudi Labor Law.

Jobs Benefits of End of Services in Saudi Arabia :

It is possible for employees to leave their jobs in two different ways: by resigning or by being terminated. Depending on the situation, EOS benefits may apply as follows:

In Case of Resignation:

  • In Saudi Arabia, employees who resign within two years are not eligible to receive End of Service (EOS) benefits. According to article 85 of Saudi labor law, termination benefits are not payable to resigning employees.
  • A minimum of two years of employment is required for him to receive these benefits.
  • The Saudi Labor Law stipulates the employee has to stay and work in the company for a period greater than 2 and less than five years. As a result, he will be entitled to 1/3 of his EOS benefits. In this case, an EOS benefit equal to one-half of his salary will apply.
  • When the employee has worked for five years, he or she becomes entitled to two-thirds of the End of Service Benefits, in addition to the full salary percentage.
  • If Once a worker has completed his first decade of service, he is entitled to Full End of Service Benefits Awards at a % of his full wages, regardless of when he leaves the company.
End of Services of Benefits

In Case of Termination

  • When an employee is terminated by his employer before completing 5 years of service, he is entitled to half of his salary once he has completed 5 years of service.
  • It is likely that an employee would be entitled to full wages if he or she leaves after 5 years

End-of-Service Benefits for Women Employees in Saudi Arabia

  • In Saudi Arabia, a Female employee is eligible for End of Service Benefits if she resigns within six months of her marriage.
  • The End of Service Benefits are also available to the Female Employee who resigns after giving birth after 3 months

A calculator has also been developed by the Labor Education of Saudi Arabia, which allows you to estimate how much End of Service benefits is in Saudi Arabia by entering the required information.


Final Words

In the above section, we explained End Service Benefits in Saudi Arabia. An employee who is eligible for an end-of-service reward must work for at least two years before resigning. If he or she resigns before the end of two years, he or she will get only his or her entitled leaves and salary, no EOS.

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