How To Transfer Family Sponsorship In Saudi Arabia

In case of death of the head of your family, it is mandatory that the dependents or family members of that person transfer their sponsorship to someone else immediately. Here I will explain a complete procedure of how to transfer family sponsorship in Saudi Arabia.

How To Transfer Family Sponsorship In Saudi Arabia

Transfer Family Sponsorship In Saudi Arabia

The procedure to do this is a little complex but we will try to explain this process to you in the most comprehensive and simple way possible.

Another important point to mention here is that this process is only applicable for families with a son that is currently working for a Saudi registered company.

Before we begin doing so, let us go over the required documents needed to transfer family members sponsorship in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Requirements For the Transfer of Family Sponsorship

  • Original and copy of dependents passport and Iqama
  • Copy of dependents birth certificate in Arabic translation
  • A letter in Arabic about reason for transferral of sponsorship
  • Attested NOC and salary certificate by the chamber of commerce
  • GOSI certificate with mentioned salary
  • Death certificate of the father/head of family
  • Father’s Iqama and passport copy
  • Confirmation letter from school of brother if they are under 18
  • An Arabic letter confirming that your sister is unmarried

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How To Transfer Family Sponsorship In Saudi Arabia?

  1. Once you have all the aforementioned documents ready with you, you should submit them to the Jawazat Saudi’s legal affairs department.
  1. After verification of your documents, the Legal Affairs department will issue you a letter to get you a verification letter from the court  and return your documents to you.

For the next step, you need to bring the following documents with you to court:

  • Dependents original Iqama along with its copies
  • The previously received letter from the Saudi Jawazat
  • Four witnesses to confirm the death of your father and you as the sole legal guardian of your family
  1. You will have to present in the court with all of the things above and narrate your whole situation to the judge. Once the judge has heard your case and is satisfied with it, they will ask the witnesses to sign a paper and issue you the verification letter.  
  1. Once again, you need to visit the Saudi Jawazat office and submit your documents along with the verification letter. The department officials will write a case for you and approve it to proceed with the transfer process in some days time.
  1. You will be asked to revisit the Jawazat office in a few days and fill the transfer form of each dependent. Along with this, you will need:
  • Original and copies of valid Iqama and passport of each dependent
  • Passport size picture of each member(recently taken)
  • Fingerprints of each member
  1. Finally, submit these documents in the Transfer of Service department along with the letter issued by the Legal Affairs Department.

You have now successfully applied for transfer of the sponsorship and should receive a message on your phone number or notification on the MOI service once this process has been completed!


We hope that our article helps you learn about the procedure of transferring family sponsorship in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and you get done with this process without running into any difficulty or problem!

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