How to Check Iqama Available Fund Online in 2023? latest Updates

Knowing how to verify your Iqama available fund is crucial if you work and live in Saudi Arabia. Foreigners working in Saudi Arabia must have an Iqama residency permit, and to use government services like Iqama renewal, driving license renewal, issuing exit re-entry visas, etc., you must deposit funds into your Iqama number. This article will provide you with all the details about the public query on how to check your Iqama funds in Saudi Arabia. 

Public Query Iqama Available Funds MOI

To check available funds on iqama There are two methods:

Query Iqama Available funds on Web

You may need to verify your Absher Available funds present in your Iqama account that you placed to avail of various governmental services. If you pay for a 12-month exit-reentry visa but only receive a 6-month one, your -monthly visa fee can be refunded to your source account as it was not utilized (from which bank account you deposited the money). Here is the guide on how to check iqama available funds on iqama through the Web (Public Query Available Funds MOI).

Now you will be able to view the available funds on your iqama. 

Query Iqama Available Funds on the Mobile app

The Absher app is an official MOI and can be downloaded and installed via the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. The app enables mobile iqama to fund inquiries directly from the phone. Please follow the procedures below to do that.

Step 1: Download and install the Absher official app for android/iOS. 

Absher official app
Absher official app

Step 2: Then Enter your login Details.

login Details absher - Iqama Available fund

Step 3: Now click on  E-Services then Available Funds.

Step 4: Enter your Iqama ID number in the provided field 

Step 5: Tap the Enquire button. 

Step 6:You will see all the required information and available iqama funds if there are any.


It is difficult to check funds in iqama without Absher as the Ministry of Interior (MOI) is now officially known as, and it needs the users to register first to make their public query. After this new change in the Saudi system, everyone needs to register as a new member with a new Absher account to check iqama funds online.


You can check your Iqama Funds online through the online portal of Register yourself on the Absher website and log in to the website. Afterward, Navigate to E-Services and then available funds. Here, after entering the iqama number you can check your Absher available iqama funds online.

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