What are the Types of Exit Re-entry visas in KSA 2023?

Types of Exit Re-entry visas in ksa. A Saudi visa is required to enter and leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A person must apply for an Exit Re-entry Saudi Visa at the Ministry of Interior once they are inside the country. The sponsor is responsible for starting the application procedure for people employed in the Kingdom.

Two types of exit re-entry visas in KSA are explained below.

  • Single Exit Re-entry visa
  • Multiple Exit Re-entry visa

If you want to leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia temporarily, you require an exit re-entry visa. You can get it from Muqeem or Absher portal. Have a look at How to cancel an exit re-entry visa

Types of Exit Re-entry visas in ksa
Types of Exit Re-entry Visas in ksa

Types Of Single Exit Re-entry Visas In KSA

Exit Re-entry visas in ksa. Residents or ex-pats with single exit re-entry visas are only permitted to leave and re-enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia once. Before the visa expires, the visa holder must return to the Kingdom. Have a look at the iqama expiry date and check all details.

For two months, a single exit re-entry visa costs SR 200. But if you want it for more months, then each extra month will cost SR 100.

Multiple Exit Re-entry visa

If you have a multiple exit re-entry visa, it allows this visa holder to leave and re-enter the country many times throughout the visa’s validity period. The multiple departure re-entry visas are suitable for persons who frequently travel outside the Kingdom. 

Multiple exit re-entry visas are SR 500 for the first three months; after that, it will be SR 200 for each extra month.

Requirements to issue Exit Re-entry visa 

Here are some pre-requisites if you want to issue an exit re-entry visa:

  1. The applicant’s passport must be valid for at least 60 days.
  2. The visa fee must be paid with an iqama number.
  3. There must be no unpaid traffic tickets.
  4. The applicant’s Iqama must be legitimate.
  5. The candidate must be physically present in Saudi Arabia at the time of application.
  6. The fingerprint of the applicant must be registered. You may also read Iqama’s current status.

People Also Ask

How many days is Iqama’s validity for an exit re-entry visa?

Iqama expiration may affect the single exit re-entry visa’s validity. It can be a Maximum of 180 days from the day you leave. The Single Exit Re-Entry visa must be returned to the Faculty & Personnel Services Department if it is not used within 90 days of the date of issue.

What happens if an exit re-entry visa expires?

The worker’s status will be changed to “exited and did not return” upon the expiration of an exit and re-entry visa; the worker’s information will be permanently erased.

How many years ban in Saudi Arabia without moving?

In other words, breaching the requirements for exit re-entry visas and leaving Saudi Arabia without a final exit visa will result in a 3-year suspension.


Now that you know the types of exit re-entry visas, it is better to have a valid visa as per your requirement before leaving the country. Try to have a multiple exit re-entry visa if you leave the country more often. And make sure to check out the requirements of an exit re-entry visa so you don’t face any unfortunate situations.

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