How to Update Iqama with Al Rajhi Bank 2023 -Step-by-Step Guide

The Iqama Update is the main concern that has affected many people every year who live in the Gulf states.  A good practice is to renew the iqama every year. But your company can also update it 1-3 months before the expiry date to get rid of negative consequences by the official KSA government.  

Al Rajhi bank iqama by phone

Online Iqama updates through Al Rajhi bank can be done in three ways listed below.

  1. Iqama checked through the internet baking
  2. Iqama update by mobile application
  3. Iqama update by phone banking

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Iqama Update – internet baking

Al Rajhi Bank account allows you to update iqama online through internet banking before one month of the expiry date.

The procedure of Iqama update through internet banking

Update your iqama for the Al Rajhi Bank account through Internet banking by following the given steps

Step 1: Log into your account 

Log into your account 

Step 2: Click on the option “My profile”. A new tab will appear on your screen.

Step 3: Now select the option “Customer Information” given on the tab.

Step 4: Then click the button “Update Expiry Date” and proceed with the process.

Once the process is done you will receive a message which says that your Iqama expiry date has been updated within Al Rajhi records

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Iqama update – mobile application

Update Iqama online by using the Al Rajhi bank application. Follow the given steps to update your iqama most simply and easily. 

Procedure to update iqama online through Al Rajhi bank application

Download the Al Rajhi bank application on your Android or iTunes

Login to your account menu (The three lines appearing in the top left corner)

Select the option “Profile and settings”.

After doing so, click the button “Update”.

By using the Al Rajhi bank application, you have now successfully updated your iqama.

Iqama phone banking

Al Rajhi iqama update by phone can also be a way but make sure to call on the same mobile number which is already registered by Al Rajhi bank.

Procedure to update Iqama through phone banking

  • Call on the Al Rajhi bank number “920003344”
  • Press “2” to switch language
  • Press “3” to update your Identity card (ID) information
  • The Al Rajhi phone banking system will fetch all your birthday details. You can confirm those details by pressing “1”.
  • Now enter your birth year and month mentioned on the iqama
  • Lastly, enter the verification code you received to complete the process of updating your iqama online.

Al Rajhi Bank Iqama by Visiting

Al Rajhi Bank Iqama Update by Visiting Iqama Update Guide

If you don’t feel comfortable updating your iqama online then there is also an option to visit the Al Rajhi branch to update your iqama expiry date.

Procedure for updating iqama by visiting the Al Rajhi branch

  • Use Google Maps or the Branch Locator service to find the nearest Al Rajhi branch.
  • Now take the “customer services” token from the machine and wait until it’s your turn.
  • Tell the main purpose of your visit to the officer, and he will take your iqama, make a copy of it
  • from the Al Rajhi System, and shall ask you to sign it.
  • After signing the copy of the iqama, the bank employee will take it back and will inform you within 24 hours if your account is frozen.
  • You can go to any ATM and withdraw funds to check whether your account is active or not.

Update ATM Card in Tahweel Al Rajhi

Update ATM Card in Tahweel Al Rajhi Iqama Update Guide Atm

After updating the iqama, you may need to update your ATM card through Tahweel Al Rajhi.

If you have an Al Rajhi account then you can update your ATM by following the given steps

Procedure to Update ATM card in Tahweel Al Rajhi

  • Download the Tahweel Al Rajhi app on your mobile from the Play store or iTunes
  • Login into your account and click on “More”.
  • After that select the option “Update ID Expiry Date” and hit the “Update ID button”.

Now you have successfully updated your ATM card with Tahweel Al Rajhi. Iqama renewal with Tahweel Al Rajhi can also be done by making a call on “80011090088” 

SNB Online Iqama

SNB online iqama update
Iqama Update Guide on SNB

Iqama updates for SNB and NCB can be done online in four ways

  • Update Iqama with SNB Mobile Application
  • Update iqama in SNB online through Internet Banking
  • Update Iqama through AlAhli ATM card
  • Update Iqama in Al Alahi through Phone Banking

Update Iqama with SNB Mobile Application

Iqama updates can be simpler and easier by using SNB Mobile Application


  1. Download the SNB Mobile Banking Application
  2. Click the menu bars”3 lines on the top right corner”
  3. Now choose “Settings” from the given options and click on the “ID Expiry Date” button
  4. You will be able to see an “Update ID Expiry” button on a tab, if so then click on it.

A system will send you a message that the iqama expiry date has been updated successfully in the records of SNB.

Update Iqama in SNB Online Through Internet Banking

You can also update your Iqama with NCB bank through internet banking


Step 1: Select the settings from options and press the “ID Expiry Date” button.

Step 2: After you click on the button a new tab will appear on your computer screen which contains all your Iqama details.

Step 3: Now the system will analyze whether your iqama is going to expire soon or you have recently renewed it.

Step 4: If your iqama is about to expire in one month then you would be given an option by the system to update your iqama. On the other hand, if you have already renewed it then click on the” Update ID Expiry” to update the iqama in SNB using Internet Banking.

Step 5: Now the system will fetch the new iqama expiry date from you and ask for confirmation. If you want to update the expiry date, then click on the “Confirm” button.

Step 6: Finally, the AlAhli system will send a message that your iqama expiry date has been updated successfully.

If your Iqama is not updated already then, the system will show you an error.

Update Iqama through AlAhli ATM Card

Update your Iqama through the SNB ATM by following the given procedure


  1. Insert your ATM card and enter the pin code
  2. Click on the “Menu” and press the “Next Menu” button
  3. Select the option “Electronics Services” and press the “Update ID expiry date for residents” button.
  4. Enter a new Iqama expiry date in Hijri format. The format should be in the order of Date-Month-Year.
  5. Select “Press Here to change”. Finally, the SNB ATM will display a message on a screen that your Iqama expiry date has been successfully updated.

Update Iqama in Al Alahi Through Phone Banking

Follow the given procedure to update iqama for SNB using phone banking.


  1. Make a call on the AlAhli Helpline number at 920001000.
  2. Press “2” to choose the language “English”.
  3. Press “*” for log-in options.
  4. To log in by using the Iqama Number press “4”.
  5. After entering the “Iqama number” enter “4 digits phone banking code”.
  6. For talking with the agent press “99”.

Explain the purpose of your call to an agent and he will update your Iqama with SNB bank online.

How to Update Iqama in Absher

How to update iqama in Absher 
Iqama Update Guide IN Absher

In order to renew a family member’s or domestic worker’s Iqama (residence permit), the use of the Absher Platform is required.

  1. Enter your username, password, and ID number via Absher Platform
  2. To the registered cellphone number in Absher, a text message will be issued.
  3. Your browser will open the Absher services home page.
  4. Select (e-services) after clicking (sponsored services).
  5. From the list, select (Renewing Iqama).
  6. After reading the service guidelines, click (Next).
  7. Decide which employee’s residency permit you want to extend.
  8. Select the timeframe. Verify the precision of the data you’ve entered and then click (renew Iqama).

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  Check Iqama Expiry Date

Check Iqama Expiry Date 
Iqama Update Guide IN Expiry Date

Procedure to check Iqama Expiry Date online through the Ministry of Labor inquiry service (MOL). The expiry date will be displayed in the Gregorian date as well as in the Hijri date.


  1. Visit the website iqama   of MOL(Ministry Of Labor)
  2. Select language from the top of the page
  3. Enter your Iqama Number as well as your birth date.
  4. Choose the Date of Birth from the Calendar by selecting ‘Hijri’ or ‘Date of Birth’.
  5. After selecting the date, now enter your verification code and then click on “next”.
  6. A next tab will appear with all the details including your Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Iqama number, Iqama expiration date, and mobile number.

Now, through the official Ministry of Labor online inquiry tool, you may obtain your Saudi Iqama expiration date in both Hijri and Gregorian dates.


The Iqama card is valid for up to five years. After five years, a new iqama is issued by Jawazat.

Visit the website iqama of MOL (Ministry Of Labor) and follow the procedure discussed in this article

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