How To Check IQAMA Transfer Status Online? Step-by-Step Guide

Iqama Transfer check also known as Naqal kafala can be performed through the “Qiwa” Official website. Iqama transfer can be done through the HRSD Ministry/ Labor Office or Jawazat/MOI (Ministry of Interior)

Transfers of IQAMA can be done from one employee to another. When you move from one kafeel or company to another kafeel then you need to change your sponsorship to that kafeel. You may always check the Iqama transfer status or the Naqal kafala status online after starting the transfer using Qiwa.

You cannot check the Sponsorship transfer status in the English version as Ministry hasn’t provided it yet. Although pages can be translated using the Google translation tool or extensions, if those extensions are not working or maybe not accurately translating the page, then we have provided you with a guide to performing the Iqama transfer check promptly.

Online Iqama Transfer Status Checks Procedure:

  • Select The Naqal Khafa option from the menu
  • Select the second radio button and enter the Iqama number
  • Enter the verification code shown on your computer screen

If you see a message saying

لم يتم تقديم اي طلب نقل خدمة للعامل، علما بأن صاحب العمل الحالي هي مؤسسة/شركة”

It means that there is no transfer request in the Ministry of Labor 

And If a message says

 “تحت الدراسة”

It means that the employer has made a request which is not yet approved by the current employer.

Iqama transfer request validity lasts for 90 days. Also, check first Iqama medical.

Approved By MOL/Pending With MOI

While checking the iqama transfer status, If the request has been approved by the HRSD but is still pending with the Ministry of Interior. Then it simply means that you haven’t paid the fee for the transfer of sponsorship or your new employer will have to visit Jawazat to complete the process.

Have a look at Check Iqama Huroob Status Online on MOL & MOI

Iqama Transfer Request Validity:

If this message appears:

حالة الطلب في وزارة الداخلية: تم نقل خدمة العامل الى صاحب عمل جديد بتاريخ 1441/03/08، وفي حال عدم استلام رخصة الاقامة بعد, على صاحب العمل الجديد استلامها من الجوازات

It means that your request for Iqama sponsorship has been accepted and verified. You can check your new kafeel there.

To complete the process in Jawazat Pay the fee to transfer Iqama sponsorship within 12 days of acceptance of the request. Read about Iqama professions eligibility for families in KSA.

First Iqama Transfer Charges: 

According to Saudi Labor Law, your sponsor will cover the costs of your first iqama transfer, and if it is your third, you will be responsible for paying half of the costs. Whereas, if this is your first time transferring your iqama, the fee is 2000 SAR. Additionally, the cost for the second transfer would be 4000 SAR, and the third transfer would cost 6000 SAR. How to remove Huroob from Iqama?


It denotes a shift in sponsorship, such as one between employers. The delay in employee and worker salaries is one of the primary causes of the transfer of Iqama to KSA. Employees requested a transfer of their iqama because this is blatantly against Saudi labour law.

If you have a transferable Iqama, it is simple to transfer it to a new sponsor; otherwise, it is not possible. If you have a transferable iqama and want to change your sponsor, keep in mind that the transfer process costs money; you must pay both the iqama transfer fee and the sponsor expenses.

Your iqama may need to be transferred over a few weeks, and your family transfer cost extra.

The Arabic phrase “Naqal Kafala” means “transfer of sponsorship.” we can say that Kafeel transfer or profession change.

if your former sponsor is unable to renew your iqama before the end of the month in which it is valid. Then, with the assistance of the labour office, you can move it to a new sponsor.

No, it’s against the law to transfer money home without an Iqama or with one that has expired. Unfortunately, those without Iqama use the Hundi or Hawala systems to send money back home. These procedures are forbidden.

A transferable Iqama can be changed from one employer to another without having to start the application procedure over from scratch.

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